Virtus Fleet Connected

Gain actionable insights, improve vehicle safety and enhance operational efficiency with Virtus Fleet Connected. Virtus Fleet Connected is a highly sophisticated and customisable fleet tracking software suitable for businesses across industries from construction to logistics.

Why Virtus Fleet Connected?

Virtus Fleet Connect - Fleet Tracking Software

Actionable insights

With historical data for up to seven years, access to near real-time data and easily sharable and downloadable reports, you can make judgment calls on how to:

  • Save fuel and costs
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Enhance vehicle safety

Complete visibility

Get complete visibility of your entire fleet with user-friendly screens. You see where each vehicle is, how it is been driven, the journey and more to:

  • React quickly with Email and SMS alerts of incidents
  • Identify and mitigate common issues such as harsh braking, speedy acceleration and more
  • Geofencing to ensure your vehicles are where they should be

Enhance vehicle safety

Enhance vehicle safety and protect your business

Virtus Fleet Connected helps you improve vehicle safety by mitigating the risk of vehicle theft as it is always been tracked with hardware (MDVRs or Trackers).

Safeguard your assets and business with near real-time video footage captured and stored on the software whether it’s for evidence of service or to fight false claims.

The right solution for you

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