Team Daltec visit NavInc in Eindhoven

Over the weekend, the Daltec team headed to NavInc HQ in Eindhoven, Holland for product training, learning about the latest innovations and to discuss how we can further streamline our service to our end clients.

Daltec visit NavInc in Eindhoven

Product training

The NavInc product range have been tried and tested with clients both in Holland and the UK. The current product range we have on offer for our clients include:

Latest innovations

The NavInc team are continuously investing in Research and Development to ensure they are able to provide cutting edge technology solutions to our clients. The following are some of the game changing products that are already popular in Holland:

Pardos Pedal Pro

This product offers both cost and fuel efficiency by reducing the fuel consumption of a vehicle. The Pardos Pedal Pro works with an app with 8 setting which can enable faster or slower acceleration depending on the end users goal. The delaying of acceleration will be more economical, however, speeding up the acceleration will offer speed.

Daltec visit NavInc in Eindhoven

Panthera – Active Sound

The answer to safety challenges caused by electric vehicles which are incredible quite compared to Diesel and Petrol vehicles. The product adds noise to electric vehicles to improve safety by making pedestrians aware of the vehicle.

Emergency Services Interface

This Interface specifically designed for Emergency Services has already been rolled out in Holland with a great success rate. The Interface combined with the app allows emergency services providers to access software on the go, whether it’s accessing driver and vehicle registration data to recording and issuing fines and speeding tickets.

Streamlining our service further

We continue to collaborate with the NavInc team to ensure that our service to the end clients is streamlined. Whether you have a questions, query or need installation guidance and support we can help. The NavInc team are committed to ensuring unparalleled customer support!

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