180° 3 LED Warning Module/Amber/12/24v

Directional Warning Lamps

180° 3 LED Warning Module/Amber/12/24v

SKU: D-LIG-00952

Our 3 LED Warning Lamp, is the ideal product for your fleet/construction vehicle. Our 3 LED Amber Warning Lamp is equipped with a 10/30V  LED amber lights, which can synchronies with up to 20 lamps.


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Flexible Pipe Mounted Low Profile Beacon

Our Flexible Pipe Mounted Beacon is the ideal product for your construction vehicle as the low-profile beacon provides a bright 360° 12-24V Power light.

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The purpose of directional warning lamps is to communicate the presence or direction of the vehicle to other drivers, pedestrians, or personnel in the vicinity.

Directional warning lamps can be programmed to display different lighting patterns, such as sequential flashing, arrow chase, or simultaneous illumination, depending on the desired effect and local regulations. These patterns ensure clear and noticeable visual indications, even in low light or adverse weather conditions.


Dimensions: 111mm x 37mm x 23mm

  • 10-30VDC
  • ECE R10 approved
  • 180° visibility
  • 3x 1Watt high-brightness LEDs
  • 12 Selectable flash patterns
  • IP67 ingress protection
  • Synchronize up to 10 units


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