70W LED Emergency light Bar 30″ 12-24V Standard bracket R65


70W LED Emergency light Bar 30″ 12-24V Standard bracket R65


Single Bolt Mini LED Lightbar -30″ for commercial vehicles. Amber LED emergency lights and lightbars come in a large variety to help you with your particular needs. From tow trucks and constructions vehicles to emergency response vehicles.


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3 Bolt Mounted Low Profile Beacon

Our 3 Bolt Mounted Low Profile Beacon is the ideal product for your construction vehicle as the low-profile beacon provides a bright 360° 12-24V Power light.

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A mini light bar is a compact and versatile lighting device used primarily in emergency vehicles, construction vehicles, or other applications that require increased visibility. It consists of a series of light modules or LED bulbs arranged in a linear or rectangular shape and mounted on a sturdy base.

The mini light bar is designed to provide bright and attention-grabbing light output in a smaller form factor compared to full-sized light bars. Despite its compact size, it can still offer powerful illumination and various lighting patterns to suit different needs.


• 30″ long
• 70W
• 18 Head x 6LED
• 108 High-Intensity LED’s
• -40° ~ 60°C operating temperature
• 51 Flash patterns, memory available
• Water-proof IP67 grade.
• Certification R65, Class2 R10, SAE J845 Class 1
• Fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and Corrosion resistance.
• Durable PC lens, aluminum base, adjustable Mountings
• Amber


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