105W Led Emergency Light Bar 62″ 12-24V Standard Bracket R65


105W Led Emergency Light Bar 62″ 12-24V Standard Bracket R65


Single Bolt Mini LED Lightbar 62″ for commercial vehicles. Amber LED emergency lights and lightbars come in a large variety to help you with your particular needs. From tow trucks and constructions vehicles to emergency response vehicles.


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Flexible Pipe Mounted Low Profile Beacon

Our Flexible Pipe Mounted Beacon is the ideal product for your construction vehicle as the low-profile beacon provides a bright 360° 12-24V Power light.

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Lightbars are designed to provide powerful and intense illumination to enhance visibility and attract attention. They are typically larger in size compared to mini light bars and can vary in length depending on the specific application and vehicle type. Lightbars are often mounted on the roof of the vehicle, though they can also be installed on the grille or other suitable locations.

The light modules within a lightbar are equipped with high-intensity LEDs. These LEDs emit bright, focused light that is energy-efficient and has a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs. LED technology allows for a wide range of colors, including red, blue, amber, and white, enabling different lighting configurations for specific purposes, including many different flash patterns.


• 62″ Long
• 105W
• 204 LEDs
• -45° ~ 60°C Operating Temperature
• 51 Flash Patterns memory available
• Water-proof IP67 grade
• Certification R65 Class2,R10,SAE Class 1
• Durable PC lens, aluminum base, adjustable Mountings


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