FORS Silver Compliance Kit (7.5 Tonnes)


FORS Silver Compliance Kit (7.5 Tonnes)

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FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme in the United Kingdom that promotes best practices for commercial vehicle operators to improve safety, efficiency, and environmental performance.


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CLOCS Compliance Kit (7.5 Tonnes)

The CLOCS Standard is a national industry standard that promotes good practice beyond basic legal compliance. It defines the primary requirements placed upon the key stakeholders associated with a construction project and places responsibilities and duties on the regulator, the client, the principal contractor controlling the construction site and the supply chain including the operator of any road-going vehicles servicing that project.

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A scheme to improve fleet safety and efficiency involves identifying those operators who are putting out the best work across all areas. Those who show excellence in terms of safety, efficiency and environmental protection will benefit from this scheme.

Operators of vehicles over 7.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight are responsible for eliminating or minimizing a larger number of blind spots on all sides of the vehicle, through use of active and operational vision aids as well as audible alerts to both pedestrians and drivers. Please note that if a device needs to be deactivated in specific circumstances (such as at night), it should have a manual reset button/switch or switch off automatically (such as a double-engage alarm). Additionally, operators must document their assessment demonstrating measures taken to reduce noise pollution while driving and parking vehicles of various types, loads and sectors.

Our wide range of cameras are designed to help eliminate blind spots, save money on vehicle damage and protect lives. Our selection includes quality cameras and monitors meeting FORS approval for your specific application. With a one year warranty, you can be confident in our products.


The 7.5 tonne FORS Silver Compliance Kit Includes:

  • 1x Ultrasonic side detection kit with pedestrian and driver warning alarms
  • 1x 7″ AHD Monitor
  • 1x 4-Channel DVR with 1TB SSD
  • 1x 720p AHD heavy duty rear camera
  • 1x 720p AHD Front facing camera (with audio)
  • 2x 720p Side cameras
  • 1x Night silent reversing alarm
  • 1x 5m Extension cable
  • 2x 10m Extension cable
  • 1x 20m Extension cable


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