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Toshiba L200 2TB HDD

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Toshiba L200 2TB HDD is a dependable digital storage medium for use with our MDVRs.
Capable of high speed data transfer, well suited for multi-channel recording at 1080p.

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SATA to USB Cable

USB 3.0 to Serial ATA hard drive adapter for use with the Nysus DVRs

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In a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) plays a crucial role as the primary storage medium for recording video from cameras or television sources. Its main function is to store the captured footage, allowing for later viewing, analysis, and management. This makes the HDD an essential component for various applications, including security monitoring, where recorded video can be reviewed to investigate incidents.



  • Digital storage capacity – 2000GB (2TB)
  • Sequential read rate – 500MB/s max
  • Sequential write rate – 400MB/s max
  • Hard disk interface – Serial-ATA
  • Connectivity technology – SATA
  • Brand – Toshiba
  • Model L200
  • Form Factor – 2.5 inches




This equipment aims to store audio/visual content accurately, but successful recording relies on external factors beyond our control. These factors include (but may not be limited to) environmental conditions, user interaction, storage media age, and power fluctuations. We cannot guarantee the preservation of all recorded content on the digital memory. We advise regularly backing up important recordings and taking precautions to ensure content integrity.



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