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Virtus Fleet Titan 2 Dash Camera Internal Night Vision Camera

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Titan 2 is a 2-channel channel, HD, tamper proof Fleet Dash Camera suitable for a range of vehicle types and industries such as Passenger cars, Buses & Coaches, Light Goods Vehicles, HGV’s and Plant vehicles, with the added benefit of a second camera with night vision recording the driver or passenger area of the vehicle.

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Available on backorder

Available on backorder

128GB Integral High Endurance Micro SD Card - Designed for Dash Cameras

These Premium High Speed Micro SD cards from Integral offer superior, super-fast read and write speeds - ensuring that you can record high-definition video and take burst mode photos with confidence.

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Featuring HD recording at 30 frames per second, utilising a massive 165° wide angle front lens (120° secondary camera). Paired with the video zoom and pan functions within our dedicated Windows 11 compatible PC software the Titan witness camera truly allows you to Capture the Unexpected, even when away from your vehicle thanks to our parking mode functionality and g-sensor event activation.


  • Alongside this, GPS coordinates are embedded into each clip so you not only have video evidence you also have proof of when & where the incident occurred as well as the vehicle speed at the time thanks to the in-built mapping software.
  • Titan is capable of supporting a maximum of 128GB micro SD card. In real terms this means 16-18 hours of recording and up to 6 weeks of event retention, so your data is available when you need it most.
  • Suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicles the Titan 2 grants an easy installation due to its automatic power selection and a simple 3-wire install. Further to this the Titan features incredible battery protection by automatically turning off when the vehicle battery reaches a set level.
  • Data security is also a priority with the Titan 1 as the SD card uses custom encryption on the SD card and password protection within the PC software so even if a bad actor gained access to the SD card after bypassing the locking mechanism, they still have little hope of playing the files.




This equipment aims to capture audio/visual content accurately, but successful recording relies on external factors beyond our control. These factors include (but may not be limited to) environmental conditions, user interaction, storage media age, and power fluctuations. We cannot guarantee the preservation of all recorded content on the digital memory. We advise regularly backing up important recordings and taking precautions to ensure content integrity.

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