Self Tapping Screws


Self Tapping Screws

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Black Self Tapping Screws, available in multiple sizes.


74mm Pilot Drill

Spare pilot drill bit 1/4" / 74mm for hole saw arbors.

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Self-tapping screws are a type of fastener designed to create their own threads when driven into a material, eliminating the need for a pre-drilled hole or a nut. They are commonly used for joining two or more pieces of material together, particularly in applications where the materials being fastened are relatively thin or soft.

The distinguishing feature of self-tapping screws is their unique thread design. These screws have sharp, spaced threads along the shaft that allow them to cut into the material as they are turned. The threads effectively tap and form mating threads within the material, creating a secure and reliable connection.


  • Black/Silver self tapping screws
  • Available in sizes between 8 x 1 – 12 x 1.1/2
  • Fully Threaded
  • Corrosion resistant

Additional information

Screw Type

Self Tapping

Screw Size

8 x 1, 10 x 1/2, 10 x 3/4, 8 x 3/4, 8 x 1.1/2, 10 x 1, 10 x 1.1/2, 12 x 1/2, 12 x 3/4, 12 x 1, 12 x 1.1/2, 12 x 2, 14 x 1, 14 x 1.1/2, 14 x 2, Assorted


Black or Silver


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