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SDS Shank Arbor with Pilot Drill

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Holesaw arbors including pilot drill for use with 14mm – 30mm & 32mm – 152mm diameter holesaws

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An SDS shank arbor is a type of tool holder designed specifically for use with SDS (Special Direct System) drill bits and rotary hammer drills.

The SDS shank system is characterized by its unique locking mechanism that allows for quick and secure tool changes without the need for additional tools. It provides a reliable connection between the drill bit and the drill, ensuring efficient power transfer and reducing the risk of slippage or disengagement during drilling.

The SDS shank arbor typically has a grooved cylindrical shaft with two or more grooves on the sides. The grooves correspond to the grooves inside the SDS chuck of the rotary hammer drill. To install an SDS shank arbor, you simply insert the shank into the chuck and rotate it until it clicks into place. This locking mechanism ensures a firm grip and prevents the drill bit from coming loose during operation.


  • SDS Shank Hole Saw Arbor
  • Fitted with 1/4″ pilot drill for use with hole saws
  • Made from highly durable steel
  • Ideal for use with metals and plastics
  • 14mm – 30mm or 32mm – 152mm Available

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14 ~ 30mm, 32 ~ 152mm


Highly durable steel

Used For

Metals and plastics



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