Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Nysus 6, 4-Channel HD 1080p HDD/SSD MDVR

SKU: D-MDV-01084

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The Nysus range of Mobile Digital Video Recorders are a set of entry level fleet recording devices for capturing your vehicles’ activity, contributing towards meeting company & legal standards such as FORS

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1080p Virtus Fleet 12v HD Windscreen Mounted Camera

The Virtus Fleet window mounted Camera is a small and discreet windscreen mounted 12v fleet camera available in 720p or 1080p Full HD resolution.

£106.95 + VAT each

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Heavy Duty 12v 720p Side Camera - Black

Designed for covering blind spots along the sides of larger vehicles. This heavy duty 720p side camera features a 125° viewing angle and has night vision as standard to assist in avoiding incidents and damage to people/property.

£91.45 + VAT each

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12v Heavy Duty 720p Rear Camera

Heavy duty rear camera certified to the IP68 weatherproof standard. Available up to 720p quality. Perfect for Heavy goods vehicles, transport vehicles, buses/coaches and plant vehicles.

£91.45 + VAT each

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4-Pin Aviation Extension Cables for Cameras, Monitors and MDVRs

Male to Female 4-Pin aviation extension cable

Available in 1M, 5M , 10M, 15M and 20M.

Twist locking for securing joins between cables


TeamGroup GX2 1TB SSD Solid State Drive

TeamGroup GX2 1TB Solid State Drive is a dependable digital storage medium for use with our MDVRs.
Capable of high speed data transfer, well suited for multi-channel recording at 1080p.

£153.45 + VAT each

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SATA to USB Cable

USB 3.0 to Serial ATA hard drive adapter for use with the Nysus DVRs

£18.60 + VAT each

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In stock (can be backordered)

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The Nysus 6 MDVR is a lockable device capable of recording up to 4 cameras at HD 1080p resolution. Utilizing a 2TB hard drive or solid state drive for up to 1142 hours of recording (depending on quality and number of cameras), while also allowing for a 256GB SD card to serve as backup storage in case of a main drive issue. The Nysus 6+ also features GPS, 4x triggers to use as a turning/reversing aid and a wide operating voltage. The battery protection feature will also turn the MDVR off if the vehicle battery is detected as dropping below a specified level, potentially saving the downtime and cost of a replacement vehicle battery.


  • HD 1080p / HD 720p / D1 compatible
  • 4-Channels
  • Supports up to 256GB SD/HDD Card
  • Video standard PAL/NTSC
  • Video compression H.264 & H.265
  • Audio Compression G.726
  • Video bit rate Full frame 4096Mbps
  • Audio bit rate 8KB/s
  • AV input 4ch aviation interface + 1ch IPC
  • AV output 1ch VGA video output, 1ch aviation AV output
  • 4 digital inputs (2 Positive trigger, 2 Positive/Negative trigger)
  • USB interface 1 USB 2.0
  • Ignition input 1 ACC signal
  • UART 1 LVTTL Level
  • LED Indication PWR/RUN
  • Support detecting antenna Plug in/Unplug/Short circuit
  • Power input 10~36V DC
  • Power output 5V 300mA
  • Power consumption
  • Standby 3mA
  • Maximum consumption 18W @12V 1.5A,  @24V 0.75A
  • Working temperature -20° ~ 70℃
  • Dimension 162mm*153mm*52mm




This equipment aims to capture audio/visual content accurately, but successful recording relies on external factors beyond our control. These factors include (but may not be limited to) environmental conditions, user interaction, storage media age, and power fluctuations. We cannot guarantee the preservation of all recorded content on the digital memory. We advise regularly backing up important recordings and taking precautions to ensure content integrity.

Additional information

4-Pin Aviation Extension Cables for Cameras, Monitors and MDVRs

Cable Length

1M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M, 20M

Pin Type

4-Pin Male & 4-Pin Female


4-pin male to 4-pin female extension cable Shielded cabling provides protection against RF interference Available in 3m, 5m, 10m & 20m Screw locking mechanism on each connection point Recessed notch for accurate pin alignment



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