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For thin workpieces and sensitive surfaces. Suitable for metric screws. Flat Washers are used to enlarge the surface area of a screw. It is mainly used with a carriage bolt for wood working projects however, it can be used in other cases.

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Assorted Wiring Grommets

Common sizes of either wiring or blanking grommet contained in a small partitioned container.

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A flat washer is a thin, flat, disc-shaped metal or plastic washer with a hole in the center. It is one of the most commonly used types of washers in various fastening applications. Flat washers are typically placed between the fastener (such as a nut or bolt head) and the surface of the material being fastened.

The main function of a flat washer is to distribute the load or force applied by the fastener over a larger surface area. By doing so, it helps to prevent damage to the material and improve the stability and integrity of the connection. The washer acts as a spacer and provides a smooth and even surface for the fastener to bear against.


  • Form C flat washers
  • Suitable for thin metal applications
  • Zinc plated
  • Pack of 25

Additional information

Usage Type / Inner Diameter

Heavy Duty 5mm, Heavy Duty 6mm, Heavy Duty 8mm, Light Duty 5mm, Light Duty 6mm

Made From

Zinc plated


25 Per pack



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