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An eye wash station is a specialized facility designed to provide immediate first aid to individuals who have come into contact with hazardous substances or suffered eye injuries and is an essential safety device found in various workplaces.

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2-Ply Paper Wipes

This Blue Roll is specially designed to be hung on the wall or stood on a holder. These Rolls are compatible with Common Hand towels and Centre Feed Dispensers for optimal storage and ease of use. The Straame Blue Rolls are made of 100% Recycled Materials for Sustainable Use.

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The primary purpose of an eye wash station is to flush the eyes with a continuous stream of clean, tepid water to rinse out any contaminants or foreign substances that may have entered the eye. The water flow helps to dilute and wash away the hazardous materials, reducing the potential for damage or further injury. The temperature of the water is typically maintained at a comfortable level to prevent additional discomfort or harm to the eyes.

This eye wash station consists of:

  • 2 x 500ml Eye Wash Solution
  • 2 x Sterile Eye Pads



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