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A door switch is an electric contacting device for opening and closing a circuit, which is attached to a door frame and operated by opening or closing the door.

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Blue Butt Connector

Provide a fast and reliable interconnect between two wires. With a high heat resistance its the perfect option for automotive applications.

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A door switch for a vehicle, also referred to as a door sensor or door contact switch, is an electrical switch that is typically installed in the door frame of a vehicle.

It is designed to detect the opening and closing of a vehicle door and provide a signal to the vehicle’s electrical system.

The primary function of a door switch is to monitor the status of the vehicle doors and trigger specific actions or functions accordingly. When a door is opened, the switch is activated, completing an electrical circuit and sending a signal to the vehicle’s control module or other components.


  • Door pin switches
  • Suitable for use with 12V vehicles
  • 20A Max current
  • Circuit disconnected when buttons are pressed
  • Standard, Telescopic or Rubber gasket variants available

Additional information

Switch Variation

Standard, Telescopic, Rubber Gasket

For use with

12v vehicles

Max Current




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