Direct Vision Standard Safety System

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The Direct Vision Standard system is an ultrasonic sensor system specifically designed to be an early warning of potential hazards not only for the driver but also to make pedestrians aware of a turning vehicle.

Also includes a High definition side camera, an in-vehicle monitor and a warning sticker.

Explore the DVS KIT 2024 and the upcoming changes to the legislation.

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Available on backorder

Available on backorder

12v Heavy Duty Analogue D1 Rear Camera

Heavy duty rear camera certified to the IP68 weatherproof standard. Available up to 720p quality. Perfect for Heavy goods vehicles, transport vehicles, buses/coaches and plant vehicles.

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The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) is a safety initiative introduced by Transport for London (TfL) to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, particularly pedestrians and cyclists, in London. The DVS aims to reduce the number of collisions involving Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) by assessing the level of direct vision from the driver’s cab.

Under the Direct Vision Standard, HGVs are assigned a star rating from 0 to 5 based on the level of direct vision they provide. The rating indicates how much the driver can see directly through their cab windows without relying on mirrors or cameras. Vehicles with a higher star rating have better visibility and fewer blind spots.


DVS Kit Main Features

  • Side scan detection system
  • HD Left side camera plus in-vehicle monitor for blind spot coverage
  • DVS sticker to show compliance (Caution Vehicle Blind Spot)
  • Increase driver awareness
  • Decrease accident & injury
  • Increase driver awareness
  • Decrease accident & injury
  • Reduce the vehicle’s blind spot
  • Detection range of up to 800mm

The side detection system is a modernized ultrasonic sensor kit designed to reduce accidents and prevent damage to vehicles.

If an obstacle or pedestrian is within detection range of the sensors at low speed, a colour coded visual warning will display within the vehicle, with an audible warning activating when the hazard is closer than 400mm



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