Apple Car Play/Android Auto

CarPlay and Android Auto for Land Rover & Jaguar InControl Touch 8″ (RGB)

SKU: D-ACC-22652

Upgrade your Landrover with CARPLAY & ANDROID Auto to your existing system. You can run apps from your iPhone Via CarPlay & Android Auto without touching your iPhone. You can control this kit via the ORIGINAL Incontrol touch screen and via voice control (Siri). 

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Elevate your Land Rover driving experience by incorporating CARPLAY & ANDROID Auto into your current system. This upgrade allows you to effortlessly access and utilize apps from your iPhone through the seamless integration of CarPlay & Android Auto, all without the need to physically handle your device. The convenience is unparalleled as you can effortlessly control the kit using the ORIGINAL Incontrol touch screen, maintaining a familiar and intuitive interface. Additionally, the power of voice control (Siri) further enhances your ability to manage and navigate through the features of CarPlay, ensuring a safe and hands-free driving experience.

What’s even better is that this complete Apple CarPlay & Android retrofit can be seamlessly installed into your Land Rover without making any changes or removing any existing components from the vehicle. Simply connect your iPhone to the USB port, and you can immediately begin utilizing the full capabilities of CarPlay & Android Auto. Stay connected, stay focused, and enjoy the convenience of your favorite apps and features right at your fingertips, all while maintaining the original integrity and aesthetics of your Land Rover.



– Control via original touch screen

– Rear camera input

– Front camera input

– AV input

– Original button support

– Picture while driving

– Control via voice (Siri & Google Assistant)

– Run navigation apps like; Google maps, TomTom & Waze

– Play music apps like; Spotify, Podcast, Music

– Making phone calls and listening to your messengers

– 2 Year warranty & Support




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