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Battery Isolator Switches

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Battery isolator switches are used for quickly cutting off a vehicles battery.

Especially helpful to prevent battery drain during storage or for quick disconnection in an emergency.


Yellow Butt Connector

Provide a fast and reliable interconnect between two wires. With a high heat resistance its the perfect option for automotive applications.

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A battery isolator switch, also known as a master switch or a cutoff switch, is an electrical switch that completely disconnects the battery from the electrical system of a vehicle or equipment. It provides a convenient way to isolate the battery when the vehicle or equipment is not in use or during maintenance, preventing any electrical drain or accidental activation.


  • Peak load (12v) 2500A for 10 seconds
  • Peak load (24v) 1250A for 10 seconds
  • Maximum continuous load (12v) 300A
  • Maximum continuous load (24v) 150A
  • Twin terminals M10mm  (17mm spanner)
  • 100mm hole centers
  • 2 Positions – On/Off

Additional information

Peak Load

2500A, 1000A, Panel Mounted 32v

Max Continuous Load

300A @12v, 150A @ 24v

Switch Positions

On or Off


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