Driving Lamps

9 Inch Rectangular Driving Lamp R112 & R7 Approved

SKU: D-LIG-01923

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88W Oval LED Driving Lamp Provides 18x 0.5W LED Strip, with a total of 2x high-intensity 10w LEDs. The LED Driving Lamp can withstand temperatures up to 60°C all the way down to -45°C allowing for a suitable fit for whatever weather comes your way.

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Available on backorder

Available on backorder

LED 40W White Square Work Light 3w X 9pcs 10-30V

The 30W LED Work Light with DT CONNECTOR is the suitable product for fleet vehicles, Large vans, and trucks. EMC Approved

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A driving lamp, also known as a driving light or auxiliary light, is a type of lighting device used in vehicles to enhance visibility during nighttime driving or in low-light conditions. Unlike the standard headlights, driving lamps are typically mounted on the front of a vehicle and are designed to provide additional illumination beyond the range and coverage of the regular headlights.

Driving lamps are known for their powerful and focused beam patterns, which can significantly improve visibility at longer distances or in adverse conditions.


Dimensions: 245 x 178 x 109mm

  • ECE R7 approved front position lamp: 18x 0.5W LED Strip
  • ECE R112 approved driving beam: powered by 2x high-intensity 10W LEDs
  • Super-strong polycarbonate lens and housing
  • Tough stainless steel bracket with protective cover
  • ECE R112 Approved
  • ECE R7 Approved
  • IP67



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