21A/29A – 1.5mm/2.5mm 7-Core Cable

SKU: 7C-21/29A-30

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High Quality 7-Core cable

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10.1mm Split Polypropylene Conduit

Polypropylene conduit is used in lighter applications where compression strength is not a priority.

Wire Stripper And Cutter 0.5mm² - 6mm²

A wire stripper & cutter is a tool that have been designed to properly cut or strip the sheath from wire with minimal damage to the insulation or internal conductors of the wire or cable.

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Our 7 Core Round Cable is the ideal solution for Low Voltage installation. Our 7 Core Cable is an easy to carry on the go product due to the reel it comes on allowing you to take it where you need when you need. Our Cables are perfect for the use of applications on vehicle and trailer wiring systems. As our cables are part resistant to petrol, lubricating oils, diluted acids and part waterproof.


  • 7 core cable
  • Available in reels of 100m
  • Reduces weight in vehicle
  • Thinner ideal for a harness
  • High grade PVC, long lasting
  • Low-high amp
  • Hard Grade Thermoplastic PVC Lead Free Insulation, according to ISO 6722 Class B
  • Plain copper conductor, C-EPT1, According to EN 13602, Conductor according to ISO 6722/ LV112 Type B
  • Generally for use at -40°C to +105°C with excursions up to +120°C – 12 & 24v systems, (MAX 60v).
  • Part Resistant to petrol, lubricating oils and diluted acids.



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