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2-Ply Paper Wipes

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This Blue Roll is specially designed to be hung on the wall or stood on a holder. These Rolls are compatible with Common Hand towels and Centre Feed Dispensers for optimal storage and ease of use. The Straame Blue Rolls are made of 100% Recycled Materials for Sustainable Use.

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In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)

Multi-Purpose Wipes

These multi-purpose handy wipes contain a heavy duty solution designed to remove oil, grease and general dirt and grime quickly, without the need for soap and water

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2-ply paper wipes are disposable cleaning or wiping products made from two layers of paper material. They are designed to provide durability and absorbency for various cleaning and wiping tasks.

The term “2-ply” refers to the number of layers in the wipe. Each ply is a separate layer of paper that is bonded together to form a thicker, more absorbent wipe. The layers are typically joined using adhesive or other bonding methods to ensure they remain intact during use.


  • Multipurpose design is ideal for spills, cleaning and drying
  • Picks up dirt with ease
  • 190mm x 150mm
  • 2-Ply
  • Blue
  • Non-flushable



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