front camera input

Interface Solutions
Upgrade your Mercedes with CARPLAY & ANDROID Auto for seamless iPhone app integration, hands-free control, and an elevated driving experience.


Interface Solutions
Upgrade your Audi with CARPLAY & ANDROID Auto for seamless integration of iPhone apps. Control through ORIGINAL MMI or Siri voice control. Retrofit without changes—just connect your phone to the USB port.


Interface Solutions
Upgrade your Opel Mokka E with APPplay for enhanced driving. Get multimedia access via USB, CARPLAY, ANDROID Auto, and camera integration. Run apps directly from your phone with CarPlay and Android Auto, no phone touching needed. Control APPplay through touchscreen or voice commands for a safe experience.


Interface Solutions
Upgrade your Landrover with CARPLAY & ANDROID Auto to your existing system. You can run apps from your iPhone Via CarPlay & Android Auto without touching your iPhone. You can control this kit via the ORIGINAL Incontrol touch screen and via voice control (Siri). 


Reversing camera interface for Volvo FH, FM and FMX. It is compatible with NTSC CVBS sources and supports 720P AHD cameras for NAVcam Heavy Duty use. The interface works with Volvo’s 9.0″ truck monitor, automatically switching to the front camera when the reverse gear is disengaged. 


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