Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

This Blue Roll is specially designed to be hung on the wall or stood on a holder. These Rolls are compatible with Common Hand towels and Centre Feed Dispensers for optimal storage and ease of use. The Straame Blue Rolls are made of 100% Recycled Materials for Sustainable Use.

£6.92 + VAT

Cleaning and Care

These multi-purpose handy wipes contain a heavy duty solution designed to remove oil, grease and general dirt and grime quickly, without the need for soap and water

£15.50 + VAT

Cleaning and Care
A first aid kit for one person is a collection of essential medical supplies and equipment that are assembled to provide immediate assistance in the event of minor injuries or medical emergencies.

£5.50 + VAT

Workshop Essentials
An eye wash station is a specialized facility designed to provide immediate first aid to individuals who have come into contact with hazardous substances or suffered eye injuries and is an essential safety device found in various workplaces.

£22.48 + VAT

Cleaning and Care

£13.95 + VAT

Cleaning and Care
Multi-Purpose Handy Wipes

£18.00 + VAT


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