Steelmate Accessories

Parking Sensors

Install to dash or roof lining to provide a visual aid for assistance while reversing.

£22.61 + VAT

Parking Sensors

The Steelmate CAN Bus interface is designed to automatically switch on a vehicles front sensors when the when the vehicle speed drops below 6mph.

This is attained by utilizing two controlled 12v outputs and is effective from the moment the vehicle ignition is turned on.

£69.82 + VAT

Parking Sensors

Adapter ring for Steelmate sensor heads to allow a change in the angle of the sensor head.

£1.26 + VAT

Parking Sensors

The under bumper sensor housing allows you to fit kits with the sensor types: 14D-10, 14D-12 or 14D-15C underneath the bumper of commercial vehicles.

£2.52 + VAT

Parking Sensors

4.5M sensor cable suitable for use with the PTS400EX dual purpose kit, when installing the system on the front or rear of a vehicle.

£6.30 + VAT

Parking Sensors

A round rocker switch to manually enable or disable front parking sensors.

£3.16 + VAT


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