DVS 2024 Kit – An Essential Guide

DVS (Direct Vision Standard) 2024 is fast approaching, therefore, vehicles over 12 tonnes operating in and around the Greater London area will need to be installed with a DVS 2024 Kit, which is widely referred to as a ‘Progressive Safe system’. The new legislation coming into effect on 28th October 2024 looks to increase road safety, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists.

Daltec DVS 2024 Kit (Progressive Safe System) – You have two options to choose what is right for you

Our sourcing team have worked diligently with our suppliers to bring you DVS compliance kits that will help you comply and ensure your vehicle is fit to operate in the Greater London area when DVS 2024 does come into effect.

Why DVS 2024 is coming into effect?

Prior to DVS, HGVs accounted for only around 3% of miles driven in London, however were responsible for almost 41% of serious collisions with cyclists and 19% with pedestrians. There has been a significant drop in these numbers since DVS came into effect in March 2021. TFL and the Mayor of London continue to strive towards the goal of eliminating serious injuries and road deaths. Therefore, further safety enhancements have to be made to the vehicles to protect vulnerable road users.

When is DVS 2024?

DVS 2024 is due to come into effect on Monday 28th October 2024. We urge fleet operators get started as soon as possible in order to ensure the systems are fitted ahead of the deadline as failing to do so and operating in the designated area will result in fines.

DVS 2024

What is the penalty for not complying with DVS?

If you fail to comply with the DVS and operate your vehicle within the designated area, then you have to pay a hefty Penalty Notice Charge (PNC) of £550, which is reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days.

What is a DVS 2024 Kit ‘Progressive Safe System’?

To further improve road safety and reach the goal of eliminating all deaths and serious injuries in the city of London by 2041, the Mayor has put forward a ‘Vision Zero’ plan. The plan highlights the existing DVS scheme and the enhancements that need to be made to achieve this goal. DVS 2024 Kits are the ‘Progressive Safe System’ that needs to be installed on the vehicles in order to comply with the scheme.

MOIS (Moving Off Information System)

A DVS 2024 kit that ensures compliance will need to include a MOIS (Moving Off Information System) at the front of the vehicle to eliminate the front blind spot to warn the driver of vulnerable road users in that region.

BSIS (Blind Spot Information System)

To eliminate the left turn collisions with pedestrians and cyclists the BSIS needs to provide visibility and full coverage down the near side of the vehicle. To note, the BSIS (can be sensors or cameras) will need to not pick up stationery vehicles and roadside furniture.

Do I need a DVS 2024 Kit for my fleet?

Not every vehicle needs to install a DVS 2024 kit, only those that are within the criteria. If you manage a fleet of vehicles (HGVs) that meet the following criteria, then they will need to be fitted with a DVS 2024 compliant kit.

  • Weighing over 12 tonnes
  • Operates in and around the Greater London Area
  • Has a rating of less than 3 stars


DVS Scheme Area

You can search a specific location within the area here on the TFL website.

DVS 2024 Kit – AI Camera System

DVS 2024 Kit - AI Camera System

Our AI Camera System kit includes:

  • 1 AI MOIS (Moving Off Information System) camera
  • 2 AI BSIS (Blind Spot Information System) cameras
  • Speaker
  • ECU
  • GPS
  • A-Pillar (LED)
  • All cables required

DVS 2024 Kit – AI Sensor System

DVS 2024 Kit - AI Sensor System

  • 1 AI MOIS (Moving Off Information System) forward facing camera
  • 2 AI sensors
  • 1 microwave radar(77GHz)Speaker
  • ECU
  • GPS
  • A-Pillar (LED)
  • All cables required

How do I find out the star rating of my vehicle?

You can easily find out the star rating of your vehicle for DVS compliance to determine exactly what you need for DVS 2024 compliance on the TFL website.

Check your DVS Star Rating

Check the star rating of your HGV.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



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