Daltec Join Forces with FORS as a Proud Associate Member

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Daltec, as we proudly join forces with FORS to become an official associate member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This achievement underscores our commitment to promoting safety, sustainability, and best practices within the transportation and logistics industry.

Joining the FORS Family

Daltec’s journey towards excellence in fleet management and safety has led us to this remarkable partnership. As an associate member of FORS, we are now part of a distinguished community of organizations dedicated to fostering high standards in road safety, environmental performance, and operational efficiency.

What is FORS?

FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is a nationally recognized accreditation program established to drive up standards within the road transport industry. This initiative supports the implementation of best practices, ensures compliance with regulations, and enhances overall safety on our roads.

Read our guide on FOR, achieving compliance/accreditation, the various levels and more.

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety has always been at the core of our operations, and our association with FORS reaffirms this commitment. By collaborating with FORS, we are aligning ourselves with an organization that shares our values and aspirations for safer roads. This partnership will enable us to access resources, training, and guidance to further improve our offerings to the automotive industry.

Benefits for Our Customers

Becoming a FORS associate member directly benefits our valued customers. With access to a wealth of expertise and resources, we will be better equipped to offer advice, and supply kits that will help our clients and their end clients achieve the FORS certification. Our customers can rest assured that we are continually striving to improve our services and exceed expectations.

Looking Ahead

Our journey as a FORS associate member has just begun, and we are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring. We are committed to seizing every chance to enhance safety, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence in the transportation industry. This achievement marks a new chapter in our pursuit of becoming a benchmark for best practices and industry leadership.

Daltes FORS listing

Daltec – FORS Associate 

Daltec FORS ID: A00280

FORS Compliance Kits offer

Daltec FORS Compliance Kits

We can help you ensure you have the right equipment to achieve the FORS certification you are aiming for (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

FORS Compliance Kits - Daltec Join Forces

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