What is DVS 2024? – A breakdown

What is DVS 2024 - A breakdown

What is DVS 2024? DVS 2024 (coming into effect 28th October 2024) is the enhancement of existing DVS legislation that came into effect in March 2021. The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) aims to improve road safety, especially for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The enhanced DVS will look to eliminate further (front […]

DVS 2024 Kit – An Essential Guide

DVS 2024 KIT

DVS (Direct Vision Standard) 2024 is fast approaching, therefore, vehicles over 12 tonnes operating in and around the Greater London area will need to be installed with a DVS 2024 Kit, which is widely referred to as a ‘Progressive Safe system’. The new legislation coming into effect on 28th October 2024 looks to increase road […]

Fleet vehicle tracking – Why it’s a necessity

In today’s fast-paced world, managing a fleet of vehicles can be a challenging task. Whether you run a delivery service, a transportation company, or any other business relying on a fleet, effective management is crucial. One of the most transformative tools in modern fleet management is vehicle tracking. By implementing a robust tracking system, you […]

Top 6 features your vehicle tracking system needs

Top 6 features your vehicle tracking system needs (1)

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used for large fleets to monitor, measure and observe the movement and whereabouts of the vehicles. With the evolution of technology, there are key features that make some vehicle tracking systems stand out more than others. From market research, speaking to our existing clients and insights from developing our very […]

Swift vehicle theft recovery with Virtus Fleet tracker system

In a recent unfortunate incident that underscored the importance of advanced vehicle safety solutions, one of the leading companies in contracted materials handling operations, mechanical and electrical maintenance, and project engineering had their vehicles stolen.

Navigating London’s Direct Vision Standard: A Guide for HGV Operators

Direct Vision Standard - Daltec DVS 2024 Kits

Sign up to pre-order your DVS Kits Understanding the DVS The Direct Vision Standard mandates that all goods vehicles over 12 tonnes require a permit to enter Greater London. This applies not only to vehicles from the UK but also those from other countries. The crux of the standard revolves around the concept of “direct vision,” which […]