Building relationships with exceptional, human-centric customer service

DCH Automotive have been a Daltec client for several years, in this case study we speak to Dan Halliday, the owner to highlight their successes, growth and future plans that Daltec can support.
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“Daltec have been absolutely fantastic”.

We are proud to support DCH automotive on their journey to success and to help them achieve both their short and long term goals.

DCH Automotive, a growing automotive vehicle safety solutions business

DCH Automotive are an SME, founded in 2017 based in West Sussex, covering the entire South East region with services ranging from vehicle security solutions, tow bar fitting, bike security, fleet solutions and more. The founder, Dan Halliday, has over 10 years of experience in the mechanical vehicle industry. With rich expertise in the field, he launched the business and has worked with some renowned brands such as Asda, Tesco and Colemans.
Building relationships with exceptional, human-centric customer service

Building a reliable supply chain to drive growth

“When I started the business, my key priority was to build relationships with reliable businesses that can provide robust support as we tried to expand our reach and grow our clientele.”

Customer-centric approach

“I had heard of Daltec and had bought a few items here and there. However, what changed the game for me is the exceptional customer service delivered by my Account Manager (Rob Miller). I find it invaluable that you can have a professional call with banter with like-minded individuals. Daltec certainly offers a human touch and customer-centric approach which sets them apart from so many competitors.”

What makes Daltec stand out stand out

DCH Automotive have been our customer for many years and some of the key benefits that ensure a mutually beneficial relationship going strong include:
Building relationships with exceptional, human-centric customer service
Personalised customer service
A personalised approach to customer service
Sourcing latest technology
Next-day delivery that works wonders
one space for all you need
Unmatched prices and brilliant quality
Maintaining good stock availability
Feeling of being looked after
Transparent and open communication
Envisaging the future with DCH Automotive
DCH Automotive is growing and expanding: “We have made significant investments and are looking to scale the business significantly in the upcoming years. We are looking to further penetrate the HGV market with software and we are building our team further to meet the requirements of our customers. I hope Daltec can support our growth plan by keeping on doing what they do with brilliant customer service, reasonable prices, honesty and transparency in communication and great product availability, especially for DVRs, camera systems and NavInc interfaces”.

DCH Automotive, a Daltec recommended vehicle security provider

If you are looking for a friendly and professional service delivered by accredited engineers, then DCH Automotives can help.

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