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White Sound - Heavy Duty (107 Decibels) Reversing Alarm


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White Sound® - Heavy Duty (107 Decibels)

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Alarm Type White Sound Alarm's
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  • Heavy Duty - 107 Decibles
  • 12-24 Volts
  • Size (WxHxD) 172 x 79 x 95mm
  • Multi frequency broadband sound
  • Instantly locatable
  • Sound confined to danger area
  • Eliminates noise nuisance
  • Sounder unit: Driver
  • Hole centres (mm): 153

bbs-tek® White Sound®
The safest alarms in the world due to their instant locatability and directional sound. The multi-frequency alarms are only heard in the danger zone, thus eliminating noise nuisance for local residents. bbs-tek® smart reversing alarms continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above ambient so ideal in varying noise level environments.

Heavy Duty
For plant, quarry and construction machines or environments with high ambient noise.